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I was tagged by mysocalledproblems thankss.


Name: Sunshine

Birthday: January 5th. 

Favorite number: 13

Height: 164 cm. 

Talents: Well I sing, play guitar and piano a little.

Can you juggle?: NOPE.

Art/Sports/Both: Art. I suck at sports.

Do you like writing: I guess :D

Do you like dancing: I love to dance, but I’m not a professional dancer eheheh

Do you like singing: YES YES YES YES!

Dream vacation: I would love to go to LA, England, Hawaii.. 

Dream guy or gal: There’s like 60 of them. But at the moment… Jared Leto, Alex Turner, Evan Peters… ( I feel weird. )

Dream wedding: Small, lovely wedding would be perfect.

Dream pet: TURTLE!

Dream: To go to concerts of my fav artists, travel around the world with my dream boy… 

Favorite song: sorry that’s just too hard for me…

Last song you heard on the radio: OneRepublic - Love Runs Out

Least favorite song: All those stupid pop songs like “Wiggle” or “Problem”.

Hair color: Light brown.

Eye color: Green.. or Blue… Something like that.

Humorous/serious: I guess humorous.

Biggest turn off: Ego.

Biggest turn on: That could be anything… 

When did you start your blog: I don’t know… Two or three years ago.

if you could meet anyone who would it be: my celebrity crushes :3

if you could only bring three items with you to an island what would you bring: A good book, my phone and headphones.

Favorite color : Black.

And I tag: 
justuxstuff  justaofficial vampyradrake cyanideandhotchocolate catyte 

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